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Threemile Canyon Farms

Threemile Canyon Farms is a core supplier of our organic produce, growing over approximately 7,500 acres of 100% Certified Organic crops under strict standards of water conservation, soil preparation, and habitat preservation.

Recognized as a leader in sustainable agricultural practices over the past decade, we challenge ourselves to continuously improve our agricultural practices and to treat the environment, community, and customers with respect, putting the health and safety of our customers at the heart of our operation.

The farm is situated on 93,000 acre ranch in the Columbia River Basin, just west of Boardman, Oregon. The ranch has nearly 40,000 acres under center pivot irrigation, of which approximately 7,500 acres are dedicated to organic production.

Also home to one of the nation’s largest dairy operations, the farm is built around a closed-loop system that yields high value-added agricultural products while recycling nearly all farm wastes.

The operation includes more than 18,000 acres dedicated to grazing, for both beef and dairy cattle. In partnership with local operators, the company produces organic milk and natural beef.

In 2000, Threemile Canyon Farms joined with The Nature Conservancy as well as state and federal wildlife officials to create one of the broadest voluntary wildlife conservation areas in the country. We placed 23,000 acres — more than a quarter of our farm’s land — into a preserve to protect four threatened species and Columbia Basin grasslands, a unique and irreplaceable part of Oregon’s natural heritage.

Threemile Canyon Farms and CRF Frozen Foods are affiliates of R.D. Offutt Company. For more information, please see www.threemilecanyonfarms.com.