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Healthy Eating


Healthy Eating

Selecting healthy products for your family at the store can be very challenging at times. When purchasing Organic by Nature vegetables, there is no question you are getting the highest quality product that is 100% organic and grown non-GMO. We achieve this by going through a rigorous certification process with several different certification bodies. Here are the logos to look for on our bags and what they mean to you.

USDA Organic

organic The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Organic program has set forth standards for growers and food processing facilities to eliminate synthetic materials while implementing methods that preserve the environment. Some of the synthetic materials we do not use in the growing process include pesticides and antibiotics. By complying with the USDA Organic program, we are promoting a healthier environment while creating a healthier product for our customers. To be a part of the USDA Organic program, it is also required to have an annual inspection to ensure only approved materials are being used and proper practices are in place.

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The Organic Shopper’s Checklist
– Grower Owned Brand
– 100% Organic
– Pesticide Free
– Non-GMO
– Frozen Within Hours of Harvest
– Sustainable Farming Practices
– BPA-Free Packaging


kosher logo Through inspection, our products have been certified Kosher, including everything from our growing to our processing and packing facility.


non-gmo logo