Organic California Broccoli Florets


100% Organic, 100% Goodness

Only grown in southern California, our organic broccoli florets are packed with flavor and nutrients. The microwavable steam bags make preparing quick and easy! Organic by Nature Organic Vegetables are 100% certified organic and non-genetically modified (Non-GMO). When you pick our vegetables from the freezer shelf you know your family is getting the best.  


Cooking Instructions

For proper food safety and quality, follow these cooking directions. Microwave individual steam bags only. Refrigerate leftovers promptly. MICROWAVE (STEAM IN BAG) 1. Place unopened bag in microwave. DO NOT PIERCE BAG. 2. Microwave on High for 5-6 minutes. *During cooking, bag will slowly inflate. 3. Let stand for 1 minute in microwave. With oven mitts, CAREFULLY remove from microwave holding bag by corners. 4. Hold bag over serving dish, cut end of bag, carefully let steam escape, pour, season to taste and serve. STOVE TOP 1. Place frozen vegetables into 2 cups boiling water. 2. Cook for 3-5 minutes, or until vegetables are tender. 3. Drain, season to taste and serve. Grown in the USAGrown in California Follow Organic by Nature’s board Organic Broccoli Recipes on Pinterest.

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